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The difference between activated alumina and activated alumina ceramic balls


The difference between activated alumina and activated alumina ceramic balls is mainly in the following areas:

Activated alumina

Crystal: Y-AL2O3 type

Molecular formula: AL2O3nH2O (0

Molecular weight: 102<Molecular weight<=117

Physicochemical properties: This product is a white, spherical porous material, non-toxic, odorless, non-powdered, insoluble in water, ethanol.

Packing: This product adopts double-layer packaging. The outer plastic woven bag is lined with plastic bag, net weight is 40KG, and special packaging is set.

The white spherical substance, produced by special processes, has a unique skeleton structure, so it has a strong affinity with the active components, the product has a uniform distribution of pores, a suitable pore size, and a large pore volume.

High water absorption, small bulk density, good mechanical properties, good stability, suitable for catalyst carrier. The CO-MO sulfur-tolerant conversion catalyst prepared using this product has the characteristics of good low-temperature activity, wide temperature range, and short curing time. The catalyst is applicable to small and medium ammonia plants.

Activated alumina (ball) A-AS-LD (particle size can be processed according to user requirements).

Activated alumina ceramic balls are white pellets with many capillary channels. There are many capillary channels. The surface of these channels has high activity and can have selective adsorption capacity for gases, vapors, and liquid water. Under certain conditions, the dew point can reach a dew point below -70°C. Saturation can be achieved by heating and removing water from 175°C to 400°C. It can be carried out several times. It can also absorb lubricating oil from oxygenated, hydrogen, and sulphur dioxide contaminated with pollutants. Other oil vapors can be used as catalysts or carriers. Widely used in petrochemical, oil refining, electronics, ethylene, propylene, air and other drying equipment, has been used in many hydrogen peroxide plants, fertilizer plants, oxygen plants and petrochemical refining units in the country, and has achieved good results.

Active alumina ceramic ball features

This product has high strength, low wear, water softening, no swelling, no chalking, no cracking. It can be widely used in petroleum pyrolysis gas, deep drying of ethylene/propylene gas and hydrogen production, air separation device, drying of instrument air dryer, fluoride treatment in hydrogen peroxide solution, and can also remove sulfur gas hydrogen, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen fluoride, hydrocarbons, etc. in exhaust gas. Contaminants, especially for fluoride removal from fluoride-containing water.

The relationship between the two:

Activated alumina ceramic balls are made from activated alumina.

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